The Story Behind the Song: “Leave Me Slow”

I think we can all relate to a time in our lives when we were enjoying something, but knew it was, unfortunately, coming to an end. For some, that could be a relationship, for others it could be a grandparent getting older and having the somber realization that they will not always be around, or perhaps senior year of high school or college, and experiencing those “lasts”, but wanting to not rush through them- as to take your time and enjoy them.

That is what inspired the song, “Leave Me Slow”. It was conceived out of the loss of a grandparent, the inevitable changes that come along with life as we know it (I mean, COVID, am I right?), and a few friendships that grew apart.

Even though the song is written from the perspective of an ending relationship, I encourage you as a listener to really hone in on the melancholy melody, entangled with notes of sweetness. A true bittersweet experience. The ultimate, “smile because it happened”.

I knew as soon as my hands strummed my acoustic, that it was craving to be accompanied by a steel guitar. I wanted that traditional country yearning that I grew up listening to and loving. The song was needing that steel guitar and fiddle to truly illuminate the vibe that the song desperately needed.

I hope this song reminds you of the good moments you’ve experienced in your life, and maybe helps you process any upcoming losses you may face.

“I know you’re leaving.
It’s been over for awhile
And I know you have to do,
what you have to,
what you need to
and I can’t be mad at you
for following your heart…

Could you leave me slow?
Give me a chance to replay…
All the kissin’ in the moonlight,
All the fun we had, before the fights
well you can leave me if you need to,
but before you let me go,
do me a favor
and leave me slow…

I’ll leave the door open,
I won’t hold you back.
If you found someone better
got out of your shell
than who am I
to keep you all to myself?
So go on and go…

Could you leave me slow?
Give me a chance to replay…
All the kisses in the moonlight,
all the fun we had, before the fights
Oh you can leave me if you need to,
but before you let me go,
do me a favor,
and leave me slow…

Oh, do me a favor-
and leave me slow.”

“Leave Me Slow” available 10/16 on all of your favorite streaming sites, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube.

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