Love Letters

Everyone who knows Caitlyn personally, knows that she finds the art and appreciation for a good love letter. Here in “Blog” format, you can read letters written by Caitlyn for the listener. This could be updates on new songs, stories from live shows, or random rants of the heart.


What the F, Nashville?!

There is so much to love about Nashville, but there are a few things that have been making me say, “What the F, Nashville?!” #1 The Sales / Alcohol Tax I’m not traditionally one that is big into shopping, and lord knows I typically find it a waste of money

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Caitlyn Wolfe Music

“How Can I Help You?” (Nashville Update)

Well it’s official y’all, I’ve been in Nashville for one week! This week has been a whirlwind of the most diverse feelings of overwhelming frustration, deafening silence and loneliness, all the way to astonishing adoration for this city and the people I’ve connected with thus far. I have been tip-toeing

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Chasing Dreams: Nashville Edition

“So you’re going to leave behind a good job, your dog, your boyfriend, your house, your family, your friends, all these good stable things in your life, for a 5% chance at ‘making it’ That’s bold”.

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