What the F, Nashville?!

There is so much to love about Nashville, but there are a few things that have been making me say, “What the F, Nashville?!”

#1 The Sales / Alcohol Tax

I’m not traditionally one that is big into shopping, and lord knows I typically find it a waste of money to always go out to eat. Unfortunately, I’m trying to do as much networking as possible, which means attending writer’s rounds. I love listening to talented writers sing their original music, but it goes hand in hand with buying a drink or two at whatever local establishment is hosting the musicians.

Now, this Iowa girl is used to $3-$5 for a drink.
Not only that, but when someone says your drink is $3.50, it’s $3.50. . .

Many of you have been to Nashville, so you know drinks already are already sitting around $7-$14 a piece on average. Occasionally I go to a smaller place where they are known for their “really cheap beer” and even then it’s about $5/$6.

But that’s not it! They have a 9.25% sales tax that gets added to a 15% liquor tax, which rings in at a whopping 24.25% sales tax added to drinks!

Note the liquor tax, and feel free to laugh at my purchase of “blueberry cock” and “meatballs!”

#2 Liquor Sales

I got the biggest laugh out of the fact that you can only buy liquor at liquor stores here! I was at Walmart looking for some rum or whiskey, only to realize it wasn’t an option. I tried to explain to my Nashville native friends that in Iowa you can buy liquor literally everywhere… You can buy liquor at the gas station, grocery store, superstores, etc.

#3 The Parking Situation

I am used to heading to a restaurant or grocery store, and assuming there will be nearby parking available. Honestly, it’s been the norm my whole life to have (free) parking lots readily available. Welcome to Nashville where it’s incredibly rare to find free parking! Downtown you can expect at least $10 for parking, but it can quickly turn into up to $30 just for parking. It’s also a hassle and a half trying to find a spot to park in the first place. All I gotta tell ya, is it stresses ya girl out.

#4 Traffic

So many aggressive drivers. So many cars. So much time wasted sitting still.
I avoid the interstate at all costs. Luckily I’ve only had to sit on the interstate and waste my life away 3 times so far.
Like I said, I avoid at all costs.

#5 The Lack of Grid System

Nashville road’s do not follow the traditional grid system that I’m used to. From what I’ve gathered, they “spider web” and circle downtown. When the circle has an intersecting road, the name changes… So when friends have tried to give me directions’, they’ll say things like, ” get on Rosa Pike Blvd, which will turn into Franklin Pike, stay on that until it becomes Lafayette, which will turn into Murfreesboro Pike. . . ”

I’m already directionally challenged, so this is a cluster in my mind. My GPS has become my BFF.

To me this doesn’t look like a road system, it looks like when a rock hits your windshield..

Overall, there is so much to love about Nashville and city life! I can go to Trader Joes, Aldi, and Target, within 45 minutes! Not only that, but I can go listen to live music every single night of the week, I can easily find places to eat all the kinds of food, and there is a beautiful and diverse population of passionate people everywhere you look.

This city is vibrant, fun, and has this undeniable energy! It’s a great chapter in my story.
I don’t know how long I’ll be here.
Maybe I’ll stay a year. Maybe I’ll stay forever.
What really matters, is that in this moment- I feel as though I’m exactly where I need to be.

Cheers, y’all!

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