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“How Can I Help You?” (Nashville Update)

Well it’s official y’all, I’ve been in Nashville for one week!

This week has been a whirlwind of the most diverse feelings of overwhelming frustration, deafening silence and loneliness, all the way to astonishing adoration for this city and the people I’ve connected with thus far.

I have been tip-toeing on the line between Iowa and Nashville for quite some time. On occasions, I would put my toes over the line into Nashville, and do a giddy little dance of apprehension and excitement, only to quickly jump back over to the Iowa side of the line. Back in bounds where it was safe and comfortable. Back in bounds where I knew most, and they knew me. Back in bounds where I’ve spent most of my life, surrounded by loved ones.

Quite frankly, I think I finally just got tired of walking the line, when I knew the only thing it would take to get to the Nashville side, was the strength to decide. Indecisiveness is the ultimate red light. When you come to a split path and you can’t decide which way, the wrong answer is to sit down and decide on neither. That doesn’t get you anywhere. Just keep walking. Forward motion counts. Pick a path. Once you pick a path, the epic adventure begins.

I knew I needed to stop walking in the circle of, “one day”, and make a decision, so I did. I woke up one morning and I stopped saying, “one day” and instead picked a date.

I made the 628 mile drive with my saint of a brother, and I got my keys on Saturday. And things just started falling into place. I just kept hearing, “how can I help you”? Those words were leaving the lips of individuals who owed me nothing, who didn’t have to reach out, but they did. I never once had to ask anyone for help, and instead those five words just kept filling my ears-

“How can I help you?”

I had high school friends, college friends, and my brother bear the heat and help me carry all my things into my new home. Multiple boxes, up a flight of stairs. They helped me clean, brought over food, and welcomed me with open arms.

I had multiple people with whom I’d never met, but shared mutual friends, reach out with the news of my move.
“How can I help you?”

People I had met once, long ago, or in passing, reach out –

“How can I help you”

So honest, so pure, asking nothing from me in return. Offering to introduce me to other songwriters, teaching me the ways of this town, setting up opportunities for me to co-write, or merely offering their friendship as I found my footing.

I even had my boss for a mere 9 months, in 2012 (almost 10 years ago) reach out to me with excited anticipation of our reacquaintance.

Here I was thinking I was going to show up to a town of so many faces, and be just another blank face in a crowd, going unnoticed. I was wholeheartedly wrong in the most beautiful way.

Everyone in Nashville so far have gone out of their way to make it feel like home. It’s been extremely overwhelming, but it’s also been the absolute most heartwarming.

Cheers to new friendships, and old friendships alike.
Cheers to singing songs, coffee dates, and co-writes
Cheers to facing fears and learning all I can
Cheers to the adventures when things don’t go as planned

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